Holiday on Mars

“Man, that was a pretty decent turkey dinner,” Willy said. “See, Cookie can do some decent stuff if he tries.”

“I am amazed,” Sam said. “It was actually edible.”

“Hey, you want to do some skeet shooting?” Willy asked.

“Why not? I don’t have to go on patrol until this evening.”

Both men pushed away from the table and headed to the armory, checked out two shotguns, a box of targets and a pair of heat-resistant gloves.

On the target range, Willy set down the box of targets and slipped on the gloves. “I’ll pull.”

“Sounds good.” Sam stepped up to the firing box as Willy loaded the air cannon.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Willy said slamming the chamber shut on the cannon.

Sam raised the shotgun and said, “Pull!”

Willy pressed the engage button and the cannon fired with a loud “Whump!” A Lost Soul flew out of the barrel and arched over the firing range. Sam tracked, and then squeezed the trigger. The shotgun barked and the Lost Soul exploded in the air.

“Good shot,” Willy said, handing Sam the gloves. “My turn.”

“Nothing like turkey dinner and some friendly shooting,” Sam said.

“You said it my friend. Happy T-Day.”

Author's Note

This was yet another experiment on making a holiday story based on Doom, this time with a humorous twist.